HOA and Condo Management

Homeowner Communication

24/7 emergency contact (via phone, email, fax); draft and send necessary correspondence; act as liaison between the Board and the Homeowners

Board Assistance

Assist Board in their duties; assist Board in policy and procedure development; advise Board on issues (legal/financial) affecting the Association

Enforce and update Association Governing Documents, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations

Record necessary documents at the Barnstable Registry of Deeds.

Work Orders

All work orders submitted (via phone, fax, email, USPS) acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt

Board Meetings

Organize and attend Board meetings and Annual Association meeting; prepare notices, agendas, and necessary documents.

Financial Reporting

Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet emailed to all Board Members prior to monthly meeting; prepare Right of First Refusal and 6(D) documents prior to home sale

Accounts Receivable

Account for all monthly assessments and charges due by Owners; mail notice of delinquency and collect funds from any Owner in arrears (follow delinquency procedures set forth by the Board

Accounts Payable

Make all disbursements for Association expenses. Read-only banking for Board Members upon request

Assist in preparation of the annual budget

Review prior year actual expenses with current performance to establish a fiscally responsible budget and one that addresses outstanding concerns