Association Management

The Distinctive Property Services Team strives to provide the very best customer service in the industry. 

Homeowner communication: 24/7 emergency contact (via phone, email, fax); draft and send necessary correspondence; act as liaison between the Board and the Homeowners

Board assistance: Assist Board in their duties; assist Board in policy and procedure development; advise Board on issues (legal/financial) affecting the Association

Enforce and update Association Governing Documents, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations: Record necessary documents at the Barnstable Registry of Deeds.

Work orders:  All work orders submitted (via phone, fax, email, USPS) acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt

Board meetings:  Organize and attend Board meetings and Annual Association meeting; prepare notices, agendas, and necessary documents.

Financial reporting:  Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet emailed to all Board Members prior to monthly meeting; prepare Right of First Refusal and 6d documents prior to home sale

Accounts receivable: Account for all monthly assessments and charges due by Owners; mail notice of delinquency and collect funds from any Owner in arrears (follow delinquency procedures set forth by the Board

Accounts payable: Make all disbursements for Association expenses

Read-only banking for Board Members upon request

Assist in preparation of the annual budget: Review prior year actual expenses with current performance to establish a fiscally responsible budget and one that addresses outstanding concerns